Week 8: 31/10/2016 – 06/11/2016

Monday 31/10/2016: Yesterday evening, Sarah and her boyfriend Jamie have arrived. This morning, he knocked on my door and invited me for a coffee in town. I was surprised, because so far I didn’t talk to him and to be honest I didn’t expect this kind of open-minded approach πŸ™‚
Nevertheless, I agreed happily and spent an hour in the nearby Starbucks. He’s a really nice guy and we have a lot in common. He likes doing sports and we agreed to go for a Freeletics workout this week. Although I’m not a novice in terms of that, I’m sure I can learn lots of new exercises from him. He is working for the army. Obviously, the british army is a quite attractive employer. Jamie is already the second young guy I got to know who is keen of his army job. He travels a lot all over the world and does lots of intense kinds of sports during his working days. In two weeks he is going to fly to Norway and France with the army for three months. He already visited Morocco, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden and he would even like to go to Iraque! Apparently the attitude of British guys towards the army and the war is different to german people regarding that the german Bundeswehr has massive problems to recrute new soldiers. Quite interesting…

Tuesday 01/11/2016: Sometimes, I really miss my flat in Bayreuth or the one in Karlsruhe, Katja and I lived in. To be honest, I think I did a good choice by living on my own in Bayreuth. Of course there are advantages and disadvantages and certainly there are good and bad room-mates but sometimes I really miss cleanliness here in Chester. Probably ‚my‘ two girls aren’t the worst ones. On the contrary, I really like them but I think they are – in terms of cleanliness – rather average value. The currently presence of Jamie doesn’t make it better. Well, I also might be a bit fussy regarding being a student. Hence, I could give a list of things, which annoy me but I think I leave it at this:…

Wednesday 02/11/2016: Gameday! Today, we’ll play against Edge Hill, an university in the north of Liverpool. It’s a home game, so we don’t have to travel. At the moment we are at the top of the league and they are second. It’s going to be a tough match, but I hope we will succeed πŸ™‚
Update: Unfortunately, the result is only a draw. It’s okay, we will stay on top of the league but a win would have been possible. I won both of my singles, so at least for me it was a good day. Unfortunately, the other guys of my team were really disappointed πŸ™


By the way, Emeline travelled to Edinburgh, this morning. She will stay until Thursday evening with a friend. I’m a bit jealous. Edinburgh seems to be a great city. She even asked me, whether I would like to accompany them but unfortunately I have lectures on Thursday… My Masters programme doesn’t concern development week. Obviously this week without lectures is only meant for undergraduates. What a pity πŸ™

Thursday 03/11/2016: My bank account feels that I don’t earn any money currently. Of course, all these trips aren’t for free and cost of living in the UK is higher than in Germany. Apart from the trips I’m trying to be quite frugal but nevertheless it’s really difficult for me to remain within my budget which is about 600€ per month. By the way: If you change your electricity provider, telecoms provider, book a hotel or a flight or you buy something: feel free to use Finanzfilou πŸ˜‰

To solve this problem, I’m currently trying to reduce my expenses. I heard about the supermarket ASDA, which is not far away from my room. ASDA reduces products which are almost expired, massively at the end of their „best before period“. Lyndon told me and I also read about it in a book. ASDA is usually open 24 hours per day and there are three periods of time, when they reduce these kind of products. The first time is during early morning. Second time early afternoon and third time – and that’s the time you have to strike – about 20:30pm. Actually, it’s a win-win-situation. If no one buys these products, ASDA couldn’t sell it the next day anymore and they would throw it away (What a waste!). That’s the reason why they offer you some bargains during the evening. I, for my part, got mangetouts, beans, carrot sticks, red cabbage, milk, makerels, loads of bread, wraps and several yoghurts for 5p each. A herring, mixed vegetables and even mussels were only slightly more expensive. As most of these things are freezable, the best before date isn’t a problem anymore. Rather variability of my meal preparation has extended incredibly!

10p meal - not too bad!
10p meal – not too bad!

Friday 04/11/2016: After my lecture in the morning, I immediately changed my clothes and started for a run along the River Dee. It was really sunny and after 4 days in a row playing badminton I thaught putting different charms would support supercompensation in a better way πŸ˜‰ Interestingly enough, the English weather confirmed its prejudices. I passed one big cloud which covered the sun and suddenly,it even started to hail!

Saturday 05/11/2016: Parkrun! I started at 8:40am to warm up. Today, I wanted to beat my personal best of my first Parkrun. It was cold but really sunny. At the start, I tried to be at the front this time. The last two runs I had to overtake too many people. This usually cost much time and so I was always slower than I could have been… My third Parkrun itself was very tough. There were 4 really strong rivals during the whole time and we dragged a neck-and-neck race (not sure whether this is proper English…). I couldn’t shake them off and unfortunately during the finish I had to be sorry to see one guy go. Nevertheless, it was my best result. I improved my personal best almost by two minutes and among the Top 10!


Afterwards, I took a shower, had a short breakfast and went to Liverpool with Emeline by train. Today is Bonfire night in Britain, which is apparently a national holiday. We visited the Cavern club, where The Beatles started their career and the Liverpool Cathedral which is really impressive. Emeline even spent two hours in ‚The Beatles Story‘, a museum about them. She is incredibly keen of those four guys. Well, I preferred to visit the slavery museum during that time and informed me also about the story of the ships Titanic, Olympic, Lusitania, Mauretania and in general about the famous shipping companies Cunard and White Star Line (owner of the Titanic) and their very interesting stories. Ending up with a firework at the River Mersey we went back to Chester, where Sarah and Jamie hosted a party in our flat. I drank two beer and said goodbye. It was a really long and exhausting day…

Sunday 06/11/2016: The state of our common room, kitchen and bathroom is a mess. The carpet have drunk the same amount of pints like me. Our toilet bowl had to suffer badly this night and the kitchen is covered with empty bottles, cans and dirty dishes. Seems like it was a good night πŸ˜€
In the evening, I finished this week with a spontaneous badminton session with Joe, Ed, Stan and Georgina. Apparently the session on Saturday was cancelled and Joe asked me, whether I would like to play for 2 hours. I agreed and it was really fun – like always!

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