Week 9: 07/11/2016 – 13/11/2016

Wednesday 09/11/2016: Today is my birthday. Actually the 9th of November is a weird date. During the last few decades there were several historical moments on that day (I don’t count my birth) and this time I assume it’s one more negative turning point. Donald Trump won the presidential election in the US. It wasn’t even close, rather Hillary Clinton suffered a decisive setback. Perhaps, she wasn’t the perfect opponent with lots of direct connections to the political establishment which is obviously seen as a corrupt elite by many Americans. However, it is scary how many people draw the wrong conclusions and prefer a guy whose list of scandals, insane statements and populistic promises is longer than of any other candidate before. Considering this, there are many parallels to Brexit and – what scares me most – there are also similar conditions in other European countries. Currently, we blame Britains and Americans for irresponsible and apparently stupid decisions. But during the next 12 months there are elections in Austria, France, the Netherlands and last but not least in Germany. In all of these countries right-wing populist parties are getting stronger and stronger and if we won’t pay attention we will have the same political mess.

Well, back to Chester: I spent almost the whole day preparing myself to tomorrow’s interview with Adidas (I applied a few days before) and postponed birthday celebration to the weekend. Katja will arrive on Thursday evening and maybe, I will get some presents 😀

Thursday 10/11/2016: Indeed, Thursday was a good day in terms of getting presents 😉 A parcel with loads of sweets and some nice greetings cards were delivered. In the evening Katja arrived and my pile of gifts grew further. Thank you very much!
At 2 o’clock, the interview took place. It wasn’t too bad and I’m optimistic that I could get the job this time. I have to wait two more weeks until they tell me their decision. If I was successful, I will already return at the end of January and move to Herzogenaurach for six months. If not, I will extend my stay in Chester until the end of March. It could be worse 😀

Saturday 13/11/2016: We met Sam, James and James‘ new girlfriend at the Pied Bull. This weekend the „Cheshire Beer Festival“ at the Racecourse took place and Sam organized four tickets. As soon as Laura – Sam’s girlfriend – has arrived, Katja, Laura, Sam and I changed location and entered the Racecourse as „employees“ of the Pied Bull. We even got a free drink! It was a long but great evening with funny conversations which we really enjoyed 🙂

Sunday 14/11/2016: After sleeping off, Katja and I got up at about 11 o’clock. For breakfast (and lunch) we had some home-made pancakes. It was delicious! In the evening, Katja had to go back to Bristol, unfortunately. However, it was another great week(end) in Chester!

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