Week 10: 14/11/2016 – 20/11/2016

Tuesday 15/11/2016: After Katja had left on Sunday, sweet life was over. I’ve been in store for an essay in one of my modules. On monday, I didn’t even start and already on Friday morning I had to submit it. I thought 2000 words in three days (Wednesday was gameday) would be possible without any problems… and indeed it was – but I had three long nights.

Wednesday 16/11/2016: Gameday! On wednesday, we played Manchester 3rd. It was a welcome change to my boring ‚essay hours‘. Unfortunately, they only arrived with five players which means that I had only one singles match. It was a shame and actually I shouldn’t embellish this decisive victory 😉

Overall result: Chester 7, Manchester 1 – still undefeated.

In two weeks, we will play Manchester 2nd in Manchester. They beat Edge Hill this week with 6:2. It will be a tough match which we shouldn’t lose.


Friday 18/11/2016: This morning, I finally submitted the first essay. The predetermined title contained two parts. First, we should examine the theories of the three classic sociologists Durkheim, Marx and Weber. Second we should discuss their application with sports and exercise. Well, I like some of their approaches (especially Weber) and I repeatedly planned reading „Das Kapital“ of Marx but altogether sociology will never be my passion. Unfortunately, this won’t be the last essay I have to submit…

Saturday 19/11/2016: Cheshire Bronze! We met at 7:45am on the campus. Ed gave me a lift and we drove to Crewe where the badminton tournament took place. The first discipline was singles. Although I’ve won my first match against the same guy I already beat two weeks ago as we played versus Edge Hill, I didn’t reach the Knockouts. I lost my second match really close versus a very young Chinese guy and so I had to concentrate on doubles. Unfortunately, the whole concentration didn’t help. Ted and I were faced incredible strong opponents. They beat us – and now I’d rather not use this word – decisive. Actually even very decisive…
Nevertheless, I enjoyed the tournament. The level of the other players was mad but so I could watch some impressive games!

Sunday 20/11/2016: Today, I chillaxed massively. The only trophy I’ve brought home were some aching muscles and so I got up only at 9:30am. As our pancakes were really delicious last week, I planned to do that again this morning and invited Emeline and Sarah. It was – again – gorgeous. I should sell them. I finished the day with a quick run and David Attenborough’s „Planet Earth 2“, an overwhelming BBC documentary about the wildlife on earth. See below one of the best sequences! And keep cool, it is going to be a happy ending 😉

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