Week 12: 28/11/2016 – 04/12/2016

Monday 28/11/2016: On monday morning I went back to Chester as I had to return the car at 1pm. I left together with Katja at 8am. This time I didn’t have any fellow passenger and so I enjoyed British radio instead of chatting with a stranger. Anyway, I got lost in Birmingham…
But finally, it was alright. I arrived punctual in Chester, filled the petrol tank and returned the car at the station. I wondered, why it was quite difficult to get to the flat. Many streets were closed off and I had to make a few detours until I got home. Later, I heared the Royal family was in Chester because of the death of the Duke of Westminster some weeks ago. What a pity! I missed a chance to cheer for Kate ๐Ÿ˜‰

Tuesday 29/11/2016: Finally, Katja got the information that her teacher training will be around Meckenbeuren. Unfortunately, it isn’t determined which school she will work for, yet. However, I already imagine myself swimming in the Lake Constance every weekend ๐Ÿ˜‰

Wednesday 30/11/2016: Gameday! We played Manchester 2nd today at their university. That means, we met at 10:30am and travelled to Manchester by bus. We shared the coach with the Football team, Netball team and Lacrosse team. We were faced a tough game. So far, Manchester had won all of their games and if we don’t win, they would replace us as league leader. Unfortunately, our best doubles player couldn’t attend. Venkat had to do some coursework, Joe had still some problems with his arms, Nathan hadn’t trained for almost 4 weaks, the sports hall was too cold, the shuttles too slow and the strings of my racket snapped. That’s why we’ve lost ๐Ÿ˜€
To be honest, their team was just better than us. It’s a very homogenous team with no bad players, at all. I had two great games versus two highly different players. The first one was almost half a metre taller than me and had an insane smash. But I beat him anyway ๐Ÿ˜‰ The second match was the best I had played during the last few years, I think. It was a Chinese guy who had a quite similar style to play like me. There were long rallyes with amazing shots. In the end, I’ve won beacuse of better stamina, I believe. Nevertheless, my two points weren’t enough and the overall result was 2:6.


Saturday 03/12/2016: Parkrun! Actually, I wanted to take it easy today but I had a really good starting position right in the front row. That means that there were no slow people I have to overtake and so I changed my plan and tried to break my personal best ๐Ÿ˜‰ In the end, I was 7 seconds slower than 4 weeks ago and missed the third place really close but in return I felt much better after the run than last time!


In the afternoon, I finished some coursework and went shopping. Already two weeks ago, I planned to prepare some brownies and so I bought the ingredients today. While preparing the disgusting mass, I was shocked how incredibly unhealthy brownies are…
However, the result looks good and tastes great. I just shouldn’t think about the calories.
Conversely, Katja always say I lost weight in Chester. Considering that, I should even demolish all of them today!


Sunday 04/12/2016: I went for a trail run at Helsby Hill with Lyndon. There were only the two of us and we enjoyed the beautiful weather while pulling all these young students to pieces. Lyndon is 44 years old which means that I finally wasn’t the oldest guy. To be honest, I don’t have the feeling of being young in Chester quite often.
I think I already mentioned that Lyndon is talking a lot all the time and during running I really have difficulties to understand him. Anyway, I always enjoy trips with him. The views were great and so I could take some more pictures ๐Ÿ™‚

Afterwards, Joe asked me whether I would like to join them for a squash session… Actually, I just finished having a shower after the run and 2 sessions a day?
Nah…I don’t care!

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