Week 14: 12/12/2016 – 18/12/2016

Monday 12/12/2016:
Today, it’s Friday, the 13th… January… 2017…
Yes, I shouldn’t call this entry „part of a diary“. After being lazy in week 14 (12/12/2016 – 18/12/2016), spending three weeks at home during Christmas and struggling with an awful sociological essay, I haven’t managed it to fill the missing week, yet.
My apologies for that. I know, I am one month late…
Anyway, I try to remember what happened four weeks ago.

My notes say the following:
On monday, the 12th of December, I participated in a study of Joe’s room mate. He investigates the influence of physical activity to the body with an empty stomach. He’s Muslim. In this respect, it’s a very interesting topic for him since he is struggling with this problem every year during Ramadan. Joe recommended me. He said, that Hussein needed fit runners. Excursus: If you read that, Almud: Thanks for the private grammar lesson plenty years ago, I’ve just remembered at this point. For all others: Look at this awesome reported speech! ๐Ÿ˜€
It was really exhausting since I had to run on the threadmill as long as I could. Every two minutes, the speed was increased by 1km/h. I had to start with 8km/h and I finished – nearly vomitting and with measured lactate of 15,1 mmol/l – after the tenth level at 17km/h.

On the afternoon, I met Svenja in the library. She’s another student from Bayreuth, who did the same programme one year ago. Her boyfriend is from Chester and so she’s staying here in order to write her thesis. She needed some students for an interview. Well, today I was in mood for volunteering…

Tuesday 13/12/2016:

A gaping void (Yes, I looked it up) on my piece of paper… Probably I’ve had sore muscles because of the run the day before.
Actually, I could use this space for the latest table of our league. Although we didn’t play, some other teams did and so the ranking changed.

Unfortunately, we lost second place since Edge Hill played one more match and our match versus Bangor was rearranged.

Wednesday 14/12/2016:
Today the first of three Christmal meals this week took place. Together with the guys from the Badminton team, we went to a pub called ‚Pitcher and Piano‘. It was really delicious and fun. Afterwards, we spent a couple of hours in another pub (‚Off the wall‘).

Thursday 15/12/2016:
Second Christmal meal! This time, it was organised by the masters programme in Telford’s warehouse. You could say it was a ‚home game‘ for me since this pub is next to my house. As well as the evening the day before, it was really great. Many of the commuting student attended and so I could get to know them much better.

Foolishly, I promised Joe on Wednesday I would fill a food diary for him. Because of the quite good result on monday, they really think I am a proper runner ๐Ÿ˜€ Now, I am begged for participating in a hell of a lot studies. Well, I remain silent and enjoy… ๐Ÿ˜‰ However, having a kind of hangover this morning and another merrily Christmal this evening, I could solely fill it with crap and far too much calories ๐Ÿ˜€

Friday 16/12/2016:
Again, no notes. I guess I had to recover… Two Christmas meals in succession. Probably two much…
On the evening, Katja arrived. That might be worth mentioning ๐Ÿ˜‰

Saturday 17/12/2016:
This weekend, Katja and I enjoyed the last few days in Chester. The following monday, we returned to Germany. So we had another Christmal meal at Telford’s, visited Chester’s Christmas market and bought some presents.

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