Week 16: 16/01/2017 – 22/01/2017

Monday 16/01/2017: After finishing the latest season of ‚House of Cards‘, I began to watch ‚Medici: Masters of Florence‘ this evening. It’s set in Italy of course and although the language and the actors are English, I suddenly felt like going there next summer, again πŸ™‚

Tuesday 17/01/2017: Only 10 days left and #mychesterstory (Common hashtag by students of the University of Chester. I’ve never used this before but now I’ve done my duty) will already be over. So I started to buy a few presents for all the people, I’d like to say thank you.
Especially, there are three persons: Almost every badminton session, Josh or Joe have borrowed me one of their badminton rackets since I haven’t brought one with me to Chester. I’ve bought six Yonex grips for them. Both of them will get three pieces: Black, Red, Gold (Okay, it’s yellow but this way it sounds better…) So I’ll leave with a bit of German patriotism… shouldn’t hurt in times of Brexit and EU animosity.
Furthermore, I’ve bought two bottles of Maisel’s Weisse for Sam. He visited Bayreuth last year, when his girlfriend (Ex-girlfriend since Monday πŸ™ ) spent two semesters in Germany and now he’s always going into raptures about German Weissbier (I’ve already tried to teach him ‚Weizen‘ but he still can’t remember this vocabulary). He is mistakenly used to drink it with an ordinary English glass. That’s why I thought about buying a proper ‚Weizenglas‘ for him. You can imagine, it’s not easy to get this in Chester. Unfortunately, I couldn’t bring one from Germany since I returned to Chester without checked baggage and I wasn’t allowed to carry two bottles of beer and a glass in my hand luggage.
Fortunately enough, I found Dave’s ‚Beer and Wine Shop‘. An amazing shop with loads of different kinds of beer and wine.
This morning, I’ve gone there and bought two bottles (Obviously, I’m going to tell him I would have bought it in Germany πŸ˜‰ ) Besides, I asked the seller, whether he knew a place where I could find a ‚Weizenglas‘. First, he said no but then he asked me for giving him my email adress. Two hours later, he messaged me. He organised a glass branded with Maisel’s Weisse :D! I can collect it on monday! What a great guy!

Wednesday 18/01/2017: Finally, my foot healed. On monday, I had to cancel the second appointment with Hussain because of that. But today, I had to do it. After this run, there will be third one. Since I already leave Chester next week, it could be hard to find another appointment and he couldn’t use the data…
It worked quite well. I had to run 8km at a speed of 11.1 km/h. Actually, it was even fun!

Thursday 19/01/2017: Before Christmas, we finished the first module which introduced the major sociologists. In January, it has been replaced with a lecture about Sociology, sport and history. It’s really interesting and especially yesterday, it was great to listen to!
Afterwards, we went for a few pints to our favourite pubs. Tatjana accompanied us for the first time. By the way, she is doing very well. When I arrived in Chester, Sam was the only one who talked to me. Initially, I just wasn’t self-confident enough to start a conversation myself and so it took me a couple of weeks to socialise with the other guys, as well. Apparently, she hasn’t got any problems in terms of making friends…
Well, there are 9 boys doing this programme and she is a quit good-looking girl – I am not πŸ˜€ So, everyone, but really everyone cares about her…All eyes on „Tatty“ πŸ˜€
To be sociological: Observing this gender issue is really funny πŸ˜€

Friday 20/01/2017: This morning, Dave messaged me that the glass had been delivered. In the afternoon, I went for a walk and collected it from him. He didn’t even charged a price! So I bought two further bottles of a local stout and gave him a small tip.
I was really grateful to him. I hope, Sam will be pleased…

Saturday 21/01/2017: Last Parkrun for me here in Chester. Today, it was quite cold and I really had to force myself to get up early enough. Obviously, I’m not as fit as a few weeks ago. Laziness and lots of calories during Christmas result in a time of 20:42. This is 51 seconds slower than my personal best. It’s quite shocking how quick I got worse…

Afterwards, Sam came by and we went together to the station in order to travel to Wigan. Actually, I didn’t want to go to another match of them after the last disappointing draw vs. Burton Albion. But this time Sam’s favourite team FC Brentford played in Wigan. He organised two tickets and so I thought I should give Will Grigg another chance to score. Well, unfortunately he didn’t. Anyway, Wigan played very well and won. Sam was really disappointed πŸ™

Sunday 22/01/2017:

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